Chris – 04/01/2020

First time customer, I will be returning. Good portions and very tasty food.

David – 01/09/2019

good as usual

guest – 15/12/2018

Lovely - thanks!

guest – 30/11/2018

Delicious! Thank you.

guest – 17/11/2018

Lovely food as usual - thank you!

guest – 05/11/2018

Lovely food as always - many thanks!

Jillian – 17/06/2018

Changing the cheesy chips portion and getting only a 3rd for the same price. Bad service to ring up and be told that's the way it is now even though I ordered last night and this was not the casd. Won't be ordering again. 20 chips a portion. Laughable

Behroz – 10/05/2018


Vicki – 16/04/2018

Best pizza place

Terry – 23/03/2018

excellent once again thanks keep it up

Terry – 16/03/2018

amazing as ever keep it coming

Terry – 16/03/2018

keep up the good work amazing as ever

Victoria – 13/03/2018

Ordered this at 10:53 and still haven’t received a txt saying it’s done. I’ve collected it tho

Majid – 02/03/2018

Lovely food and service was good as well

Terry – 23/02/2018

keep up the good work

Terry – 23/02/2018

keep up the good work

Terry – 23/02/2018

keep up the good work

Adnan – 20/02/2018


Adnan – 20/02/2018

Great food

Ali – 19/02/2018


Terry – 17/02/2018

very good value for money and food is lovely

Terry – 17/02/2018

as usual very good service and food

Majid – 14/02/2018


Majid – 14/02/2018

nice food and cracking staff

Majid – 14/02/2018


Victoria – 10/02/2018

You’ve set your own app up and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t give you confirmation that your order has been received, it doesn’t give you how long for delivery? VERY POOR. My favourite pizza takeaway but very disappointed tonight. Think it will be a while till my next order. I think it’s better having a feed back page rather than putting it on Facebook sunderland food page. I look forward to a reply.

paul – 01/02/2018

Didn’t get 25% off

Rebecca – 31/01/2018

wouldnt go any other pizza shops ????

Rebecca – 31/01/2018

lovely as always

Rebecca – 31/01/2018

always nice food from here x

Gennine – 19/01/2018

Wouldn't order from anywhere else. Always top class!

Gennine – 05/01/2018

Toptaste is the only pizza shop we ever go to and it has always been fantastic! Always amazing quality. When you see how busy the shop is it speaks volumes. Always lovely staff!